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Game Basics

How do I play?
It's simple! After registering, you can log in to your account and make your picks for the next episode. Each week you can come back and make picks for that weeks episode.

When can I make my picks?
You can make your picks after you log in anytime up until five minutes before the show airs on the east coast. At that time all picks will be locked. Picks for the next episode usually open within a day or two after the previous episode airs.

How does the scoring work?
Each week you will be scored based on the picks you made for that weeks episode. The are a total of 1000 points possible each week, 500 for picking who will be voted off and the other 500 for answers to various questions about the episode. Your total score is the sum of all your weekly scores plus your 1000 possible Bonus Points, making 14,000 points possible in the game.

What if there is no correct answer for a question?
There may be a case where we ask a question that for some reason does not have a correct answer. For example, we ask which tribe wins the reward challenge but that week there is no reward challenge. In this case, all players who submit an answer for that question will recieve the points for it. We don't see this happening too often but it is a possibility. Also, if for some reason the person who leaves the island is not voted off, but leaves due to injury, etc, we will still award points as if they we voted off, even though they weren't technically "voted" off.

How do you determine the overall winner?
The overall winnner is the player with the most Weekly Wins. If two or more players have an equal number of Weekly Wins, the player with the highest overall score will win. This is done in order to allow players who join later during the season a chance to win, as they could still get several Weekly Wins even though their overall score may be much lower than a player who earned points from the beginning. For information on the prizes click here.

What is a Weekly Win?
The player with the highest score each week will receive a Weekly Win. If two or more players tie for the highest score, the player with more Bonus Points will win. In the case that both players have an equal number of Bonus Points, the player who made their picks first will get the Weekly Win.

How and when is my rank calculated?
Your rank is calculated based on your standing against all other players in the game. Ranks are only updated once a week after each episode.

What happens if I don't make my picks one week?
If you don't make any picks for a week, you will simply earn 0 points for the week. You will still be in the game and still be able to win the game.

Who can win?
Anyone who works for CBS or Mark Burnett Productions or Survivor Challenge as well as their immediate family members are not eligible to win a prize in the Survivor Challenge. Other than that, anyone is eligible. Good luck!

What happens if the site goes down and I can't make my picks?
Unfortunately, our site occasionally goes down just before the episode due to everyone trying to make picks at once. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this as our server costs are already high and we provide this service free. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, it is recommended to make your picks early in the week as you can always change them later with no penalty and this way you are guranteed to have some in.


What is a league?
A league is a group of players who compete against each other as well as against other leagues.

How big can a league be?
A league may have up to 100 players in it.

How many leagues can I create or join?
You may create or join up to 5 different leagues.

How are league ranks calculated?
League ranks are the average number of points that each player in the league has. Leagues with less than 3 players are not ranked that week.

Can I be kicked out of a League?
The owner of a league cannot kick you out but if you fail to make picks for 3 consecutive weeks, you will be automatically kicked out of the league.

What is a private League?
A private league is a league where a password is required to join. You must get the password from the owner to join.

What do I get if I am ranked #1 in my League or if my League is ranked #1?
Nothing. Leagues are just for fun. The only prizes are awarded based on individual scoring.

Bonus Points

What are Bonus Points?
Bonus Points are points you can earn by doing various things such as referring your friends to Survivor Challenge, signing up for special offers, or making a donation to Survivor Challenge. We are making this game free to everyone the donations are to help cover the server costs and costs of the prizes. You do not have to make a donation however, as you can also earn Bonus Points by referring your friends or signing up for special offers.

Why do I need Bonus Points?
You don't need Bonus Points, but they do count toward your overall score and will help you in the rankings. Aditionally, if there are two or more people with the highest number of points in a given week, the player with the most Bonus Points will get the Weekly Win.

Is there a limit to the number of Bonus Points I can earn?
Yes, the maximum number of Bonus Points you can have is 1000. Anything you earn past that will not be counted.

What happened to the Bonus Points I had last season?
We reset all your points for the new season of Survivor, including your Bonus Points in order to make it fair for incoming players. All players you refer after the game was reset will count towards your Bonus Points for this season, as well as any special offers you sign up for or donations you make.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to
email us.

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